Sega did really well in 2010. In the first 9 months of their fiscal year, ending December 31, 2010, sales were up by 8.7 percent for a total of $3.8 billion and profit rose up by 118.2 per cent for a total of 772 million. 1.48 million software units were sold on Xbox 360 divided by 11 different SKUs, PSP sold 1.44 million divided by 11 SKUs, the Wii accounted for 1.42 million units across 9 SKUs, DS brought in 1.34 million units across 9 SKUs and the PS3 managed 1.13 million units across 7 SKUs. Other interesting numbers include Sonic Colors selling 1,850,000 between the Wii and the DS and Vanquish selling 820,000 units between the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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